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1960 letter to Melvin Mattson from his cousin Ruth Vendlin in Vasa, Finland

Letter is in a Swedish dialect known as Finlandssvenska. Translation:

Good day to all over there!

A thousand thanks for the letter that we received a short time ago, it was fun that you wrote us and heard that you all are alive over there!

My name is Ruth and I am Axel’s daughter (that is writing). I am married and live in Vasa, Finland. Axel is doing fairly well, but he has some problems with his eyes and Irene (my mother) is feeling a little better but has often been sick.

Yes, you Melvin have nine cousins here in Pirtam but all have moved out (from their parents), so only my youngest sister, who is 16 years old lives at home with Mama and Papa. Four siblings are in Sweden and have been there many years and the others are around here in Finland.

In Malax, you have also father’s brother (uncle) Ivar and his two daughters, who are married and have children. There (Malax) also lives, Manda, August’s wife, but he (August) died several years ago, maybe ten years ago. They (August and Manda) had five children, who are cousins to you. But they are all full-grown adults. All of your aunts are dead, so they no longer exist. Certainly there are relatives distantly related, but one can’t mention them all.

Yes, you, that are for sure rich and have it good, can come some summer by airplane to Finland and bring your mother with you. You are so welcome, all of you, there is enough room for you here.

Yes, the years go so quickly that one does not have time, it was just Christmas and soon summer will go by. We have had a beautiful summer, it has rained the last few days but it is good for the plants.

Sofia Vesterberg, (cousin to your father) says hello to Manda.

Health and happiness to you all and hello from all of us. Hope that you Melvin write an answer some time to us. It is so fun to keep the family (relatives) together.

My address:
Ruth Vendlin Axel Branting
Vasa Brando Pirtam
Gaddavägen 21 Vasa
Finland Finland

PS: Father’s brother (uncle) Axel is 65 years old and his wife, my mother, and is 60 years old.
Fru Branting
Malax Havras
Vasa, Finland

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