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1962 letter to Melvin Mattson from his cousin Birgitta Branting in Finland

The letter is in a Swedish dialect known as Finlandssvenska. Translation:

Good day to you Melvin,

I will now write you a reply to your letter which Uncle Ivar received a time ago, he is now here with us in Pörtom and visiting.

Here we have a beautiful autumn. We are all well. I hope you are too. Uncle Ivar did get the money without procuration, we shall thank you very much. We also send you the receipt.

This is your cousin who writes these letters. My name is Birgitta and I'm Axels daughter.

I'm sending you Tor-Eric's address, his wife knows English, if you like you write to him so we can hear how you are doing over there in America. The address is:

Tor-Eric Branting Iraimiala 04 Mumame Juväskylä Finland.

I hope you will find someone who can translate this letter for you.

I don't know what to write more, I will then finish with many regards from Uncle Ivar and Uncle Axel with family.

Regards to Amanda and your family.

Best regards


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