Casimir and Joseph Wild


This is a genealogy site for the descendants of Casimir Wild (1827-1904) and Joseph Wild (1825-1900), brothers who were born in Sinsheim, Germany and resided for many years in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada.

Besides Wild, common surnames on this site include Fahnlander, Daggett, Sinner, Etue, Bedard, Ryder, and many others.

Feature Articles

feature 1 My Swedish Ancestors My father's parents were Amanda Strom (1883-1973) and John Edward "Ed" Mattson (1884-1947), Swede Finns who came to America through Ellis Island in the early 20th century.

feature 2 My Irish Ancestors My great great grandfather Michael Ryder (1828-1877) was born in County Mayo, Ireland. He and his wife Rose Joyce (1837-1885) lived in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada during the 1860s and 1870s. During those years, Michael Ryder's name regularly appeared in the local newspapers -- and jail records. These records, together with other information about him, portray a colorful and likable, but flawed man.

feature 3 17th and 18th century Daggett ancestors My maternal grandmother Dorothy Ann "Billie" Daggett Wild (1900-1964) was descended from John Doggett (1602-1673), an early Massachusetts settler. The Doggett/Daggett family is exceptionally well documented. I have divided this story into three parts. This first part covers our 17th and 18th century Doggett and Daggett ancestors, including a connection to the Mayflower and an in-law relationship with Benjamin Franklin.

feature 4 John Minot Daggett (1818-1905) My great great grandfather John Minot Daggett went to sea as a young man on whaling ships out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. In 1853 he moved from New England to the Midwest, where his livelihood was tied to the railroad for many years.

William Smith Daggett William Smith Daggett (1864-1912) My great grandfather William Smith Daggett served as a deputy federal marshall and played a central role in the Minneapolis-St. Paul census war of 1890.

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